Friday, March 21, 2014

beyond our boundaries: a family adventure on the appalachian trail

friday spotlight :: volume 02

I think I started reading FIMBY: A Family Story Blog by Renee Tougas in earnest a little over a year ago.  I must have been searching for a book list, a vegan recipe, or something else but I ended up at her newly organized homeschool help page.

Being family-focused, interest-led, literature-based learners ourselves, reading what Renee had to say about  freedom education and creativity tugged at my heartstrings.  I found myself nodding in agreement, being encouraged, and forming a clearer vision of what I wanted for my family.  I must have binged on her homeschool blog posts and videos in a few weeks time.

One aspect tied to her family's homeschooling lifestyle that has me intrigued is their outdoor adventuring.  Totally not an outdoors girl myself (sad, I know), I still get inspired by and get to live vicariously through Renee's beautiful outdoor photography ... and now by her family's new subscription video series.

Beyond our Boundaries - A Family Adventure on the Appalachian Trail

Surely, you must have encountered all the internet chatter about the homeschooling family of five that is going on a six month hike through the Appalachian Trail?

Renee, along with her husband Damien and children Celine, Laurent, and Brienne will be hiking over two thousand miles from Georgia to Maine beginning this April!

When I told my kiddos about the Tougas family's upcoming adventure, they were intrigued and had all sorts of questions:  Where will they get their food?  How will they cook?  How will they keep clean and take showers and do other things that require a bathroom?  How will they ... ?  What about bugs, insects, and wild animals?

After a few hundred "I don't know's," my kiddos were ecstatic when I suggested that we get the answers to these questions by watching the video series as part of our homeschooling curriculum!

Renee says that this video series is for YOU - the homeschooler, outdoorsy people or families seeking outdoor inspiration, families wanting to live intentional, creative, and adventurous lives, minimal and simple living enthusiasts, AND people who just like good stories.

The first two episodes of this twenty video series are now available.  With the Tougas family behind this amazing project, the video series is just as creative, inspirational, and encouraging as Renee's blog. 

What do you say?  Will you join them, too?

For more details about the hike and video series, visit this affiliate link to Beyond our Boundaries.


Be sure to check back here for episode updates from April through September.

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