Sunday, December 15, 2013

the legend of old befana

A "must read" for the Advent & Christmas Seasons

After several years of reading The Legend of Old Befana to my children, it just recently occurred to me that this story is a simple example of the classic "Martha and Mary" bible story.  (I guess I'm a little slow on picking up the subtleties of a story sometimes.)  At the beginning, the main character, a witch named Old Befana, transforms from being like Martha, busily sweeping her home every day for no one but herself to being like Mary, preparing her heart for the Christ Child at the end.  Despite her brash-sounding name, Old Befana turns out to be quite an endearing character.

"Every day, every morning and afternoon, Old Befana would sweep with her broom."

 "The star I have seen," said Old Befana, "It kept me awake all night.
Now--if you excuse me, I have work to do."

"Perhaps I should go see Him ... but what do I have to take Him?"

"She never found the Child in Bethlehem.  But she is searching still, to this day."

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