Saturday, January 18, 2014

chesterton on our book shelves


I'm linking up with Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things for her Weekends with Chesterton series.

My choices in finding a G.K. Chesterton quote that fits the theme of this blog were few.

But, here is what I came upon.

I have no source for this quote except for Brainy Quote.  Is this cheating?

Well, to redeem myself I have the following photos of the bookish kind that you can always find here at beauty of the picture book.

One of the books is still wrapped in plastic.  Ha!

Still trying to get my 10 year-old interested in these.

Granted, these are not picture books, but until someone comes out with something like Chesterton: A Picture Book Primer, these will have to do for now.

Hmmm ... could "Baby Chesterton" be the new "Baby Einstein"?

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