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clare and francis

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Do your children sometimes get so focused on an activity right before bedtime?

This is what happened with my girls a few nights ago when they pulled this picture book off the shelf.

I certainly couldn't insist that they put everything away and go to bed, now could I?  They were, after all, turning the pages of a beautiful book and drawing pictures of their Patron Saints.

by Chiara, age 8

by Francesca, age 4

The artwork in Clare and Francis is stunningly gorgeous with its gold leaf illustrations reminiscent of that found in illuminated medieval manuscripts.  This is the kind of artwork I long to see on the walls of our Churches, providing focal points onto which to prayerfully meditate.

Luminous images adorn the pages of Clare and Francis.

What I love about St. Clare and St. Francis is their wild abandon in giving up their lives for God and putting aside their own desires to instead follow His will.  The lasting influence of their charism is evident around the world in the many vibrant communities of religious and lay orders derived from the Franciscan movement.

"Clare wasn't mad.  Clare was free.  She was sure of her path and wanted to follow it ... 
She discarded her beautiful wool dress and put on a coarse tunic made by the friars.
She let Francis cut her long hair, as the flames of torches reached high up toward the sky."

If you are looking for a simple telling of the story of these two great Saints, then Clare and Francis should be in your read aloud pile of picture books.

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