Saturday, April 5, 2014

fan art: dream animals

We go through reams and reams of paper at our house.  The age at which each of my four kiddos could hold a pencil, between twelve and eighteen months or so, has been the beginning of their near constant drawing.  You can imagine the stacks of paper that have accumulated in all corners of our home.  I do, however, often find a few treasures here and there that I like to keep.

Lately, my littlest one has taken to draining our markers on sheets of paper, handing the drawings to me, and saying, "put this on your blog, Mommy."

Okay, little one, I will.

by Rafael, age 2

Most of the time, though, my kiddos like to draw something from a picture book that we have read.  Remember when I gushed about the artwork in Dream Animals by Emily Winfield Martin?

Apparently, the illustrations are wonderful inspiration for a bit of fan art.

This is what my kiddos came up with ...

by Francesca, age 4

by Chiara, age 8
by Chiara, age 8

by Chiara, age 8

by Chiara, age 8

by Anthony, age 10

What picture books has your family been inspired by lately?

You can find more fan art here.

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